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  • Sierra Nevada
    Bigfoot Barleywine
    Chico, California

    As big as the name implies, with a huge hoppiness in its earthy aroma, a chewy palate, and a great depth of flavor.

  • Southern Tier
    Lakewood, New York

    two souls in one package; a bitter hop bomb on one side with sweet malts on the other, forming one super hopped ale with six varieties of hops blasting flavor and zapping bitterness in every direction.

  • Southampton
    Biere de Mars
    Southampton, New York

    A classic interpretation of a French farmhouse beer brewed with wheat, barley, and continental hops and fermented cold for a smooth finish.

  • Two Brothers
    Monarch White
    Warrenville, Illinois

    This crisp pour is brewed with unmalted wheat, a touch of oats, and then traditionally spiced with coriander and orange peel.

  • Sierra Nevada
    Chico, California

    Dark and rich, this brew\'s smooth malty, caramel flavor comes from a blend of deep-roasted barley malts.

  • Ramstein
    Winter Wheat
    Butler, New Jersey

    This Doppelbock/Dark Wheat displays a fruity aroma with deep, full flavors of caramel and chocolate and a smooth warming character.

  • Barrier
    Oil City IPA
    Oceanside, New York

    Citrusy American hops lead the charge as roasted flavors impart dark chocolate and burnt caramel before being trumped by grassy, herbaceous hop flavor.

  • Troegs
    Sunshine Pils
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

    Using only malted barley, noble hops and bottom-fermenting yeast this pilsner delivers a refreshing hop bitterness and a zesty, vibrant finish.

  • Green Flash
    Silva Stout
    Vista, California

    Their Double Stout aged in bourbon barrels for 17 months - like dark chocolate truffles rolled in cocoa powder, notes of vanilla and wood, and a rich cherry-like fruitiness.

  • Harpoon
    Boston, Massachusetts

    Locally grown apples, and Harpoons own yeast gives this cider a crisp and fruity flavor profile.

  • Breckenridge
    Breck IPA
    Denver, Colorado

    A stand-out IPA - Colorado style - that hits you right away with a distinctively pleasant floral aroma that carries hints of tropical fruit. The bready malt backbone, however, balances its citrus hop flavor and lends it staying power.

  • Abita
    Strawberry Harvest Lager
    Abita Springs, Louisiana

    Real Louisiana strawberry juice is added after filtration resulting in a crisp lager with a sweet strawberry flavor, aroma and haze.

  • SingleCut
    George Calme Ale D'Abbaye
    Queens, New York

    A Trappist-style ale with red-malty richness and a complex stone fruit yeast character infused with coffee shells steeped in whiskey.

  • Sixpoint
    File Under J
    Brooklyn, New York

    Lotta Goses out in the market these days. Many are delicious. None capture the true refreshing, intriguing flavor of the Leipziger specialty wheat ale made with salt and coriander quite like this one.

  • Bacchus
    New Paltz, New York

    This sour American Wild Ale was spontaneously soured with seyval grapes and aged in red wine barrels.

  • Radiant Pig
    Stop That Train
    New York, New York

    This IPA honors celebrates the second anniversary of this brewing team and features their two favorite hops - Citra and Mosaic.

  • Ommegang
    Calypso Hennepin
    Cooperstown, New York

    The Calypso hop\'s pleasantly fruity aroma of apple, pear, and citrus melds nicely in this special version of their bright, effervescent, and crisp farmhouse ale.

  • Harpoon
    Ghost King
    Boston, Massachusetts

    Coriander and orange peel add some spice to this Imperial White IPA while a residual malt sweetness balances the citrusy, floral hop character a very approachable, medium-bodied result.

  • Dyckman
    New York, New York

    This complex and spicy ale is a deep golden yellow and brewed with imported Belgian Trappist Yeast.

  • Other Half
    Brooklyn, New York

    100% Brett Claussenii fermented pale ale with Saaz, Hallertau Blanc, and a little white wheat.

  • Sly Fox
    Chester County Bitter
    Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

    This traditional British ale is authentic cask conditioned beer with a smooth malt profile balanced by a subtle hop presence.

  • Troegs
    Hopback Amber
    Hershey, Pennsylvania

    A well-rounded amber ale, bold and spicy with a fresh, hoppy aroma balanced with caramel malt and flush of sweetness.